What are cookies?

Many websites collect small amounts of information about your business on the site. This information is contained in a text file known as a “cookie”, stored on your personal computer. In order to always guarantee the best possible navigation, the OSMOCEM site offers the best performance with enabled cookies. Thanks to cookies it is possible to “remember” you when you return to our site, as well as identify and resolve errors – providing you with faster and more suitable navigation for you. Cookies cannot cause damage to your computer.

Types of cookies used

1- STRICTLY NECESSARY COOKIES Also called “technical” cookies, they are essential to navigate the site using all its features. 2- PERFORMANCE COOKIES They collect and analyze information on the use of the site by visitors (pages visited, number of accesses, time spent on the site, etc.) to provide the user with a better browsing experience. These cookies do not collect information that can somehow identify the user. 3 – FUNCTIONALITY COOKIES They allow the site to “remember” the choices made by the user and customize the site by improving its contents. The information collected by this type of cookie is anonymous. 4- ADVERTISING COOKIES They allow you to track “a profile” of users by collecting information on their tastes, and then send personalized content (promotional banners and / or dedicated offers).

Cookie management

The OSMOCEM website uses type 1, 2, 3 cookies. You can however decide not to allow the setting of cookies on your computer. To do this, access the “Preferences” of your browser. If you disable cookies, you may disable some features of the site. Even with all cookies disabled, your browser will still continue to store a small amount of information, necessary for the basic functionality of the site. It is possible to have a list of some providers who work with website managers to collect and use information useful for the use of behavioral advertising by going to the link http://www.youronlinechoices.com/it/le-tue-scelte where you can get more information about each of them and block / activate each individual operator.